Worried about how divided politics has gotten lately?

There IS something you can do. Find common ground with your political opposite.
Join the wave of patriotic Americans who are taking the Unify Challenge.

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What is the Unify Challenge?

The Unify Challenge is a virtual meet-up with your political opposite. It’s a simple but powerful way to build bridges.

  1. Take a short questionnare
  2. Get matched
  3. Meet on video chat and take a survey together

We take care of everything.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You will be paired with an American who is your political opposite—at least on paper—someone you wouldn’t ordinarily interact with. You may not always agree (and that’s the beauty of it!) but everyone does this with the best of intentions. You will take a survey together — it’s definitely NOT a cage match! 🙂

No. We help you schedule your Unify Challenge without ever sharing contact information.

Plan for about an hour. Sometimes it takes less time…and sometimes partners go longer because they are so interested in the conversation.

You will need a desktop or a laptop computer that you can use for a video call. The experience won’t work on a mobile phone. We will walk you through everything – it’s easy.

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