Unify America's mission is to replace politics with problem solving.

Skeptical? Sure, that’s reasonable. We’re talking about the work of a generation. But we have an actual hypothesis about how to begin to make this monumental shift. And it begins with someone, in fact someone just like you, signing up to talk one-on-one with another American who is not like you. ​

And discover for yourself that we all share the same goals for the country.

That’s the first step in our first quest, namely:

To bring together 10,000 Americans, from all walks of life, to find and implement a shared and ambitious solution, by consensus, to an intractable national problem by July 4, 2026.

Suspend your disbelief for a second. And let’s look at where politics has gotten us in the last 75 years.

And after that, when it came to solving our biggest domestic problems…

… it’s been a whole lot of fighting, without a whole lot of progress...

Why are we stuck?

And ever since America has been stuck solving its biggest problems through a political process, having two teams fight each other, wielding whatever money, power and influence they can on representatives who want to be re-elected.

Sure, we hope our lawmakers eventually make smart compromises* but the reality is:

*and our hopes are regularly dashed

Politics is a poor way to solve big problems. There is another approach to problem solving.

It’s called “Problem Solving.”*

*more specifically, the pioneers in our field call it “Deliberative Democracy”

Then review a set of possible solutions, looking at pros and cons of each, and through multiple rounds of deliberation among the Americans and a series of votes, narrow it down to one set of solutions, by consensus.

Like a citizen’s jury. A big jury.

An All-America Jury

This country was established on the premise that “We the People” can solve our own problems, even our biggest problems. But we need a better process to do it, one that is based on problem solving through reason and empathy.

The partisanship that our founders feared, and then unfortunately fostered, must be overcome.We are the generation that must make it happen.

So how do we make this happen?

Here is our roadmap:

Introduce Americans who are really different from each other so they have the chance to discover that mostly, we all have the same goals for this country. You can sign up to do that today.

Train Americans who want to serve their country, not by participating in extremist politics, but by becoming the best version of themselves so that we, the people, can become the best version of ourselves, together.

Conduct Citizen Jury experiments to test and refine our approach, using elegant technology and highly engaging, highly produced content. Build up to 10,000 American Jurists (“The First All-America Jury”).

Build relationships with legislative partners in Congress and State Legislatures who will support the solution reached by the All-America Jury.

Select a shared national goal - agreed upon by 90% of Americans - for the First All-America Jury.

Broadcast an exhilarating television series to allow millions to follow the story, as their fellow Americans attempt to do something that seems impossible: over 18 months, agree on a way forward for a problem that has been in gridlock for decades.

Run the First All-American Jury. Attempt to reach a virtual consensus.

Make it happen: turn the audience for the television show into a massive grassroots lobby to work with our legislative partners to get laws passed. Work with the business, educational, faith, media and other communities on non-legislative elements of the consensus solution.

Track progress and adjust. No solution will be perfect in practice. Reconvene the All-America Jury bi-annually to review policy and determine adjustments.

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