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Are you ready to take a survey about our country with someone who votes differently than you do?

How It Works

Sign up: We’ll ask you a few questions so we can match you with a political opposite.

Get matched. We take care of this magical part and will let you know when you have a partner!

Take the Challenge. On a zoom call, you and your buddy will get to know each other and take the Unify Challenge survey…together.

What to Expect

Everyone does this with the best of intentions. It’s NOT a cage match or anything like the stuff you see on social media.

Plan for about an hour. Sometimes it takes less time, sometimes people can’t stop talking with each other (!)

You’ll need a computer (can’t be done entirely on your phone.)

Why It's Amazing

Break out of your political bubble! Most of us live in a political bubble. Inside our bubbles, the “other side” is wrong, misinformed, and worse. Breaking out of our bubbles is the first step in unifying our divided country.

See how the other half thinks. Is your only contact with someone who votes for another party limited to what you see on TV, or worse, see in memes on Facebook? Meeting face-to-face with a fellow American is a great step towards healing the divide.

Feel hopeful for a united future. It’s easy to feel hopeless about our increasingly polarized country, especially in election year. But here is what we know to be true: when you strip away the insults, the daily forces trying to demonize people, and focus on meeting a fellow citizen to talk about shared goals for the country, you will experience a feeling of…hope. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

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