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Hey Colorado, let's show America how free thinkers replace political fighting with problem solving.

Tired of the division in our country, communities and even our families? We are, too. Here's a chance to do something about it.

Welcome to the Unify Challenge for Colorado!

It’s a frank one-on-one online conversation with another Coloradan who may vote or think differently than you do (but is just as patriotic!).

Engage with a neighbor or someone clear across the state. Get a fresh perspective about critical issues like education, housing, public safety, and healthcare. Help everyone get back to the business of solving problems...instead of whining on social media!

Stop the madness. Take the first step and have a respectful, frank conversation with a fellow Coloradan about issues in our state.

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What’s the Unify Challenge?

It’s a live one-on-one online conversation (like Zoom) with another Coloradan who may live across the state and have a different outlook on things. It’s not a debate. It’s an invitation to have a productive, frank conversation with a fellow Coloradan to find common ground and talk about issues Colorado faces.

The Unify Challenge is part of the Ginsburg-Scalia Initiative of the Attorney General Alliance (AGA). The initiative is committed to developing and celebrating the norm of respectful dialogue, listening and learning from different points of view and collaborative problem solving.

What’s the conversation about?

Wait...a video conversation with a complete stranger? What will we talk about? Don’t worry. We make it super easy.

Together, you’ll talk through questions provided in a conversation guide about issues that matter most to Coloradans like public safety, water, healthcare, housing, and education. And you don't have to be “into politics” — no prep needed!

Watch a short video to see how it works.

Who can participate?

If you’re over 18 and live in Colorado….you! From Mesa County in the West to Yuma County in the East; Larimer in the North and Conejos in the South….we’re looking for Coloradans in all of our colorful glory to sign up!

When is it?

Our first Colorado Unify Challenge concluded on April 30, but it's not too late to sign up for the national Unify Challenge

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How does the matching work?

Based on the information you provide, we’ll match you with someone who may vote differently than you, has a different background, or lives in a different part of the state.

One thing's for sure -- you'll meet another Coloradan who you would normally never get to meet in your everyday life. And what you'll find is that even though you and the other person may vote differently and watch different cable news channels, you both may care a lot about the same issues that matter to us, like affordable housing, conserving our public land, or the opioid crisis.

What happens if my partner and I don’t get along?

People worry about conflict during the Unify Challenge, but it just doesn’t happen. Thousands of people have taken the Challenge and are surprised by how often they agree with their partner, find common ground, and really enjoy the interaction. Why? People who choose to take the Challenge share a love of country and want to keep it strong, not divided.

It’s also amazing what happens when you are face-to-face on a video call, rather than faceless behind a keyboard on social media. We just are a whole lot friendlier and interested in listening and learning.

However, if at any point during the discussion an issue arises, live support hosts are available to assist.

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Other questions

Is this part of a political campaign? (It's not.)

No. The Unify Challenge is a program developed by Unify America, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization, working in partnership with America Talks. The Attorney General Alliance (AGA), led by its current Chair Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser, is sponsoring the Ginsburg-Scalia Initiative. As part of that initiative, named after the late U.S. Supreme Court Justices, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia, the Unify Challenge provides Coloradans an opportunity to engage respectfully with others from different backgrounds and with different points of view—as Justices Ginsburg and Scalia regularly did. After all, Justice Scalia, a staunch conservative, and Justice Ginsburg, a staunch liberal, were often on opposing sides of issues, engaged with one another respectfully, and maintained a warm personal friendship. They served together on the U.S. Supreme Court for more than 22 years and provide a compelling example of how Americans can work toward a more perfect union.

Who will I be paired up with? What if we don’t get along?

You will be paired with another Coloradan who you wouldn’t ordinarily interact with in your daily life. You may not always agree (and that’s the beauty of it!) but everyone does this with the best of intentions. People worry that they'll be paired with a troll or someone combative. In our experience, this simply doesn't happen. But if it does, you can just leave the conversation and contact us.

I’m not a political expert. Do I need to do homework?

Nope. No need to prepare at all.

How are people matched?

Our system tries to match folks who are political opposites first. Sometimes, people who are more politically aligned but are different geographically or demographically get matched. We have a special experience for those Challenge matches!

Will my email address or contact info be shared with my partner?

No. We protect your privacy. Some people really like getting to know each other and may choose to share contact info — but that’s entirely up to you!

Do you screen participants?

People worry about this and wonder if they’ll encounter a troll. To date, we have never had this issue. Unify America attracts folks who are worried about toxic polarization. Most have had politics divide their families and friends. These are people who are part of the “exhausted majority.” On the off-chance you get matched with an idiot, you can always just hit the Help button or simply close your browser.

How much time will it take?

Plan for about an hour. Sometimes it takes less time… and sometimes partners go longer because they are so interested in the conversation.

What kind of computer setup do I need?

You will need a desktop or a laptop computer that you can use for a video call. The experience won’t work on a mobile phone. We will walk you through everything — it’s easy.

About the Unify Challenge for Colorado

In January, the Attorney General Alliance and its Chair, Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser, are partnering with nonpartisan nonprofit organizations (Unify America and America Talks) to get Coloradans from every corner of the state talking about issues that matter the most to us.

Phil Weiser

Phil Weiser

Attorney General for Colorado (D)

“This program will engage Coloradans from a wide diversity of perspectives, geographies, and backgrounds and will provide a chance for participants to burst out of their ‘bubbles,’ come together to have authentic, meaningful conversations, and brainstorm solutions to some of our state’s biggest challenges."

Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams

Former Secretary of State of Colorado (R)

“Like Lincoln’s Team of Rivals, hearing and understanding different views and perspectives from our fellow Coloradans – particularly those with whom we may disagree – will allow us to work together to make better decisions and achieve a stronger and more civil society.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United StatesAntonin Scalia - Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, celebrating her relationship with Justice Antonin Scalia:

“If our friendship encourages others to appreciate that some very good people have ideas with which we disagree, and that, despite differences, people of goodwill can pull together for the well-being of the institutions we serve and our country, I will be overjoyed, as I am confident Justice Scalia would be.”

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Let’s come together and find the power in sharing different views.

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