The Unify Challenge

It starts by having a guided conversation with someone outside your “bubble.”

If you’re worried about how divided we’ve become and want a simple but powerful way to help this country heal, you’ve come to the right place. Join the thousands of people who are taking the Unify Challenge.

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Get paired with someone who lives outside your “bubble” over a video call. You’ll take a guided survey together about goals for America across a dozen topics. It’s fun, fascinating, and might even give you a little hope.

The Unify Challenge is proving that when it comes to big goals for our country… we’re not that far apart.

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Skeptical? That’s natural.

Take a look at how it works and then sign up and see for yourself!

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"This challenge was such a unique experience. Never before have I had such an in-depth conversation about my beliefs, let alone with a complete stranger. It’s an experience that I think everyone deserves to have and should have."

Jack T. | Elmhurst, IL


Check out what people are saying about their Unify Challenge experience.

I was surprised by everything! I came in with no expectations and was blown away by how engaging, unique, and eye-opening this experience was. I learned a lot about myself and my own beliefs, as well as people in general.

Viv W.
Rose Hill, TX

I was so nervous before it started. I was surprised at how relaxed the format was and how easy it was to talk with Andrew. He was very open and great at sharing his views.

Christina B.
Durham NC


Bring the Unify America experience to your community.

Learn how we work with colleges and universities, faith communities, and other organizations to build bridges, boost civil discourse, and flex our civic muscles.

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We’re a cross-partisan grassroots organization that believes there's a better way to make decisions for this country.

Founded by Harry Nathan Gottlieb (founder of Jellyvision and Jackbox Games), we’re a team of game makers, tech makers, anthropologists, and business leaders who come from different places, have different ideologies, and are diverse in other ways... but we all share a passion for bringing Americans together.