Our vision is an America where we harness the power of different perspectives, recognize our shared goals, and have the civic skills and systems to solve our biggest problems — together.


Sure, that’s reasonable. We know it won’t happen overnight. But we have an idea about how to start.

It begins with someone – like you, for example – signing up to take the Unify Challenge. It’s a one-on-one chat with another American who might vote differently than you or is different in any number of ways.

Illustration - Characters looking skeptical

Phase 1

Get to know your neighbor

Illustration - Characters chatting in a Unify Challenge

During the Unify Challenge, people discover that we share a lot of the same goals for the country. And they actually enjoy meeting each other.

It seems like a small thing, right? It’s not, actually. Thousands of small conversations like these go a long way in reducing the anger that’s roiling our great nation. It’s an act of patriotism.

Sign up for the Unify Challenge
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How did we get into this mess in the first place?

Most of us see politics as just a whole lot of fighting without a whole lot of progress.

Illustration - Alexander HamiltonIllustration - James Madison

Why are we stuck?

After all, our Founders dreamed of a country free of angry partisanship.

“Factions would ruin us. Political parties are the most fatal disease.”

Alexander Hamiliton

Founded the first political party to combat Madison

"In every political society, parties are unavoidable...The great object should be to combat the evil."

james madison

Founded the second political party to combat Hamilton

But then they turned around and created political parties... and you know the rest.

Illustration - Congress characters (blue)Illustration - Congress characters (red)

Gridlock! Special interests! Explosive headlines!

And ever since then our representatives have battled each other to solve our big problems through a process called politics.

Two teams duking it out, wielding whatever money, power and influence they can on senators and members of congress who want to be re-elected.

Here’s the worst part. It’s in the best interest of some politicians, some media and some other outside influencers to divide us, the People. We just listen to “our team” inside our bubbles and we get further and further divided... until we don’t recognize each other as our fellow Americans anymore.

That’s gotta change. Which brings us to...

Phase 2

Build our civic muscles

If we are going to break down the barriers that divide us so we can solve real problems together, we need to become the best versions of our American selves.

To do that, we are developing a kind of “civic gym,” a workout for your citizen muscles. Here are some of the interactive experiences we are creating. 

Illustration - Character combating his confirmation bias

Be a bias breaker.

We tend to pay attention to ideas that back up what we already believe and dismiss ideas that go against our existing beliefs. We’re creating interactive workouts to coach us about the many biases we all have and how we can break out of them.

Illustration - Character getting an idea after listening

World-class listener.

We’re developing fun interactive experiences to train America to be world-class listeners. Why? Effective listening is a superpower. It builds relationships, solves problems, deepens understanding, and resolves conflicts.

Illustration - Character curating his information diet

Curating your information diet.

If you only ate mac and cheese every day, you’d miss out on the important nutrients you need to stay healthy. Same for your info diet. We’re here to help you read and listen to a variety of sources so you can break out of your info bubble.

Phase 3

Get together to solve big problems

Illustration - Diverse characters voting Yes

As an American, we can participate in our civic life in a bunch of ways:

  • We can vote.

  • We can go to town halls and hear our reps.

  • We can sign petitions.

  • March in the streets.

  • Work on campaigns to get folks elected.

  • Call our reps to tell them what’s on our minds.

But we don’t get to actually work on big problems and make decisions together. Yet.

There’s a way that we can. It’s called Deliberative Democracy and it’s been working in places all around the world.

We have a vision to form hundreds of “citizen juries” to work on big problems in small towns, big cities, states and even on a national level. It’s the work of a generation... but it starts with you and one other person.

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Let’s come together and find the power in sharing different views.

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