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team members

people had a one-on-one conversation across differences


said they were more likely to vote in the next election


said the Unify Challenge helped them consider new perspectives

How can we fight the dangerous levels of division in our country?

Here’s how we’re proving that one small conversation can make one big difference.

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From Alaska to Florida, Gen Z is making a difference

Since 2021, over 200 colleges and universities across the nation have joined the Unify Challenge College Bowl where students have an intercollegiate one-on-one conversation with someone from a different place or a different political ideology.

of students with they had more opportunities to have more conversations like this

of students said the Unify Challenge gave them an opportunity to examine their own point of view

So, what happens? Students talk about hot-button issues like free speech, criminal justice, immigration, and education. They discover common ground and, importantly, discover the importance of viewpoint diversity.

Each star in this map represents the 150 college partners that have participated.

Each star represents the 205 college partners that have participated.

What do students really think?

Despite feeling nervous at the beginning, the majority of university students were surprised by how much they found agreement and how much they enjoyed a conversation with a stranger from a different “bubble.”

Here are stories from three students who participated in the 2022 Fall Unify Challenge College Bowl:


Mississippi State University


University of Louisville


University of Akron

Plus, 98% of college faculty would offer the Unify Challenge College Bowl again.

"The Unify Challenge College Bowl provides my students with a hands-on opportunity to discuss important issues with people they may never have a chance to meet... My students overwhelmingly found this experience useful and energizing. Some even wishes the challenge was longer."

Hagar Attia, PhD
Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Civic Communication at Gustavus Adolphus College

What's next?

We're on track to reach 20,000 students in 2026 from every state in country.

Learn about becoming a partner or supporting the Unify Challenge College Bowl.


Statewide conversations across differences

The Colorado Unify Challenge brought together hundreds of Coloradans from every corner of the state to have frank conversations about issues that affect Colorado.

In partnership with Attorney General Alliance and its Chair, Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser (a Democrat) and former Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams (a Republican), we created an innovative way to bridge increased divisions and to show the rest of the country that Coloradans reject political fighting in favor of collaborative problem-solving.

After the event, 99% of participants said they would recommend the experience to family and friends.

“This program will engage Coloradans from a wide diversity of perspectives, geographies, and backgrounds and will provide a chance for participants to burst out of their ‘bubbles,’ come together to have authentic, meaningful conversations, and brainstorm solutions to some of our state’s biggest challenges."

Phil Weiser
Attorney General of Colorado (D)

“Like Lincoln’s Team of Rivals, hearing and understanding different views and perspectives from our fellow Coloradans – particularly those with whom we may disagree – will allow us to work together to make better decisions and achieve a stronger and more civil society.”

Wayne Williams
Former Secretary of State of Colorado (R)

How do we move from civil dialogue to real problem-solving?

Even when a vast majority of Americans agree, political fighting and special interests build a gridlock that’s nearly impossible to break. But collaborative problem-solving that values different perspectives is possible — and we’re proving it.

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Deliberative Democracy in action

In Montrose, Colorado, we're proving that citizens can solve serious problems — together.

We're building a randomly-selected, representative jury of community members who will work together to tackle a tough problem in the community that impacts everything from education to economic development: how can Montrose kids and families access safe, high-quality, and affordable childcare?

Final impact

Champions for a stronger, more unified America

The story of Unify America is written by you — champions for harnessing the power of viewpoint diversity.
This work is possible thanks to you and our partners including:

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