Arielle Mizrahi

Arielle Mizrahi

Partnerships Manager

I first got involved with campus and community organizing…by accident. In 2014, I was a sophomore in college sitting in my Public Health class, and our student-run nonprofit made an announcement about several public interest campaigns they were launching. At the time, I didn’t think filling out an interest form would turn into a full-fledged career in nonprofit work.

Since that classroom announcement in 2014, I’ve organized and trained students and community members across eight states to run nonpartisan issue-based campaigns that win (and many times not so much, but made progress).

Many don’t expect me to do this type of work. Heck, I got into this work not knowing what advocacy, policy, or even making change meant.

What’s kept me grounded, despite often questioning my life choices, are people. Through relationship building and listening, we can identify shared world visions and the endless ways to work towards those visions together.

When I’m not talking about social change, you can find me in the mountains, paddle-boarding, or testing out a new recipe I found on Instagram.