Photo of Harry & Moses

Meet the Founder, Harry Nathan Gottlieb.

Instead of boring you with some highly scripted, historically factual biography of what drove Harry to start Unify America — we figured it would be far more entertaining to have his 13-year old son, Moses, interview him.

MOSES: Remember when you had tons of time to do stuff with me and now you’re on your computer all the time? What happened?

Harry: Well, I had time for a few years because I stepped down from working every day at Jellyvision and Jackbox Games so I could hang out with you. Also, Amanda and Mike, who are amazing CEOs, didn’t need me anymore, except for advice and brainstorming occasionally. You weren’t born when I started those companies, but when you start a new organization it’s pretty time-consuming.

So, why are you doing Unify America anyway?

I founded Unify America so that by the time your children are adults, our country has stopped making civic decisions based on power and influence. Instead, our country will make decisions based on reason and empathy.

Sounds like you rehearsed that line before, Dad.

Hahaha. Yeah, I have.

Photo of Harry & Moses

Are you a Republican or Democrat?


I’ve never belonged to, nor do I think of myself as a member of a political party. Interestingly, when Unify America polled Americans about how they identify themselves, identification with a political party regularly ranked last on that list.

Have you ever put butter on a pop-tart?

What?! No. Who does that?!

What’s your favorite Jackbox Game?

Most people say Quiplash, Fibbage or Trivia Murder Party, but my favorite is Fakin’ It.

How many people have played a Jackbox Game?

We had 240 million individual players in 2020.

Seriously? So... don’t you think people are going to be, like, 'How is this guy qualified to help fix democracy?'

Yes, I would think so.


Here’s what I can say about that. At Jellyvision we got really good at taking boring and complex subjects and making them simple and engaging for people. We’re bringing that skill to saving democracy! Unify America is making interactive experiences to help replace politics with problem solving ...and have fun doing it.

Photo of Harry & Moses

Cool but… why does that make you qualified to fix democracy?

Well, we believe Americans themselves can find big solutions to big problems, but the policy questions around things like healthcare, immigration or poverty are complex and sometimes dry and boring.

Unify America will be able to help Americans understand these issues in a way that is clear and engaging, without sensationalizing everything.

Are you going to make a democracy video game where you battle people to get to the next level?

No, definitely not. That game already exists in real life and it's not working that well for the country. But, that’s the point: politics is a kind of game. It’s a game where there are winners and losers. Or so it seems on the surface. The reality is that under the surface, the whole country is losing. We’re all losing. The Government of the People is losing.

That also sounded rehearsed.

That one I just made up on the spot.

The point is, we need to change the game. The rules of politics bring out the absolute worst in so many of us. People try to win elections and block legislation by scaring people about how terrible the other side is. But there is another game structure, where groups of people win together or lose together, that encourages cooperation.

Like an Escape Room?

Wow. Yes, perfect example, Mosh!

And we can do that with democracy?

It’s going to take a long time, but yes. That’s the beauty of a Government of the People, if enough people want to make a change, it happens. The People are sovereign. It doesn’t feel that way sometimes, but ultimately, we really do have the power to improve our republic.

Photo of Harry & Moses

That’ll be $50.

For what?

For doing this interview for you.

Good for you: anchoring high. But no. $5.

Are you a person who would not pay a fair wage for work well done?

Boy, do you know how to get me. Okay, $15.

Deal. Thanks Dad.

Thank you, Moses.

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