The Vision for Unify America

We can change how we interact with each other and save our republic. For real.

1. Can we identify shared goals?

Do Americans have shared goals? Help us find out. We are connecting millions of Americans to take The Unify Challenge with a partner, over a live video call.

2. Can we learn to work together?

Imagine hundreds of thousands, and eventually, millions of us, over the course of a year, spending time reviewing clear and engaging material to learn about ALL the different ways we could solve for one of our shared goals.

3. Can we build consensus?

Imagine getting together regularly to discuss those options in small groups with other Americans, where there is likely to be a diversity of opinion. And, like sitting on a jury, the point is not to win arguments, but to reach consensus.

4. Can we implement our consensus?

And then imagine, once millions of us converge on a plan to achieve a shared goal, we then carry our shared solution into the political arena, with a grassroots lobbying force like this country has never seen. That is how we can move our country forward together.

The End Goal

Can we replace politics with problem solving?

American democracy is dying from our low expectations. People can’t see a way out of the juvenile and self-defeating way we govern ourselves. We want to demonstrate that there is a way out. It begins with Americans seeing each other, not as members of opposing teams, but as one people who, it turns out, largely have identical goals for the nation.

If millions of American citizens can, together, create a consensus that breaks through the gridlock…we will then have actually experienced how a democratic government can and should work. And then we can go about restructuring the rules of government so that our elected representatives can act as we have: cooperatively, with thoughtfulness and virtue.

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